Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Merging Blogs

I've decided to try and simplify things with my blogging.  I had several different blogs going, one focusing on the fostering angle, one focusing on the kids who have already been adopted, and one filled with recipes, frugal living, tips etc.  I found I wasn't updating as much cause things were so spread out.  From now on everything will be on my other blog: !  I've imported old posts from the all the blogs, some of the links or pic might not come through so I apologize ahead of time.  I will leave this blog open, but for now will not be updating on it.

I will continue the Art Thursday Series,  Special Education 101,  and Treatment/Therapy Explanation Series on the other blog!

I hope you continue to follow our journey over at


Sunday, January 19, 2014

I may have a vampire in my house

The boys were playing so nicely upstairs with their Bey blades.....that is until the blood curdling screams!  That's right my newly nine year old son bit his five year old brother.  You may ask why he would do this, we'll apparently he had told James not to shoot the toys under the bed.  James did it anyway and he thought that warranted sticking his teeth into the apparent offender, ripping a giant hole in the shirt and puncturing the skin.   Nobody has bit in this house since Joel was in his terrible two phase!  

The offender had to write an apology note and will be using his money to buy a new shirt tomorrow.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Report Cards!

My oldest son Matthew's report card came in the mail today, for the first time ever he had all A's and B's!!!!!  I was so excited and proud for him.  This coming on the heels of an unfortunate fight at school this week where he pushed someone in tag and was then punched in the stomach...Ugh he just does not get how his actions played into this at all. BUT putting that aside YEAH!!!!  We all proceeded to dance around the house singing "O HAPPY DAY".  It was fun and I even got him to laugh a little by my silly dancing :)
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