Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Matthew lost a tooth yesterday and was very excited about the toothfairy.  At midnight last night he wakes me up to tell me the toothfairy had'nt come.  I groggily look at the clock and tell him it is the middle of the night and he needs to go back to sleep so the toothfairy will come.  About 30 minutes later I still can't sleep so I go downstairs to get his dollar to put under his pillow.  What do I find when I walk down the stairs??  Matthew surrounded by a bunch of snack wrappers.  I very nicely and calmly tell him to get back in bed.  He went to his room and begin banging around yelling louder and louder trying to get my attention.  I again go into his room and tell him that I know he is excited about the toothfairy but if he doesnt go to sleep she wont be able to leave him anything.  He tells me that he doesnt care.  No problem I say but you still need to get in bed and be respectful of everyone who is sleeping.  Well for the next 2 hours I was a b*&%$, the tooth fairy was stupid, laughing hysterically, running all around the house, throwing things.  Had to restrain him twice when he tried to throw object that would have done serious harm to my head.  Eventually he went to bed.  The toothfairy did NOT leave a prize, but did take the tooth and leave him a note about "big feelings".
Today he needed to work it off by cleaning the kitchen floor, small kitchen 30 minute job TOPS.  After 30 minute he has scrubbed about 3 tiles and begins telling me he is done and he wants a snack.  I tell him he cant have a snack until he is done, he throws the mop bucket.  I try to ignore him and tell him that he still needs to get the floor clean or else he can clean up the spilled water and go to bed tonight and finish the floor tomorrow.  He begins hitting me with the brush, throwing macaroni and cheese at me and then running around the house.  I try to move out of the way of a flying book and he slips on the wet floor and bangs his nose pretty good.  It starts bleeding and he is hysterical.  Eventually I get him calmed down and he goes to bed.
We did the Best Day/Worst Day activity today, so that may have contributed to the dysregulation.
Between tonight and the last week we have a total of 2 hours still to be worked off......must stay strong NO TV, NO Computer, NO Video Games until this is worked off.
We will try again on the kitchen floor tomorrow.
Should not have left a TV on where he could see it from the kitchen while cleaning the floors

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